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1. Which of the following statement about the Mars500 experiment is /are correct?
1.It was an experiment simulated 520-day mission to Mars
2.It was conducted by Russia, Europe and China
3.It was conducted at Mars Science Laboratory, Moscow
Choose the correct option:

2. In which among the following countries is located the Yoloten-Osman gas field , which was recently making news?

3. Where is located the circuit bench of the Supreme Court of India?

4. Ministers and experts of "Climate Vulnerable Forum" a forum of 20 countries, which fear that they are the most vulnerable to global climate change, recently met at which among the following places to urge rich western nations for more help?

5. The Rajiv Gandhi action plan, put forward by the late Leader in 1988 is related to which among the following?

6. Polymetallic Modules (PMN) predominantly contain_____?

7. Which among the following body regulates Mutual Funds in India?

8. The longest bone in the human body is ?

9. Who among the following has been given a constitutional power to address the Parliament of India?

10. Who of the following received Sangeet natak akademi's Ustad Bismillah khan Yuva Puruskar for 2009 in Hindustani vocal music ?

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