General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. As per the data released on January 4, 2013, India's foreign exchange (forex) reserves stand at $294.99 billion. The Foreign exchange reserves are kept in the custody of ________?

2. World's highest altitude swimming race in 2013 kicked off in __?

3. Who among the followings is the current president of the European Commission?

4. The 21st Rajiv Gandhi National Sadhbhavna Award for promotion of communal harmony and peace will be conferred on________?

5. Galapagos archipelago is a part of which of the following Oceans?

6. Which among the following is planning to unveil a brand new mobile operating system called 'Tizen' with a smartphone this year?

7. At present, which among the following is world's biggest trading nation?

8. In 2013, the GAIL (India) has commissioned the Dabhol LNG terminal which is located in _________?

9. In 2013 (September, 2013), which one of the following nation drafted the Syria war resolution which permits military action against the Bashar al-Assad regime?

10. Who among the following is the head of the committee, which is in 2013 set up to suggest measures for cost-cutting and optimal utilisation of assets of Air India?

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