General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. In 2013, an expert panel set up in 2011 to study the regulatory regime in the backdrop of low forest and tree cover in the country has submitted its report. The panel was headed by ________?

2. Government has approved the proposal to amend Securities and Exchange Board of India ( SEBI ) Act for providing more power to the market regulator to control __?

3. According to a latest report, which of the following countries has the largest group of overseas citizens of India?

4. As per the latest NSSO data on unemployment rates, which of the following religions has faced highest level of unemployment in rural areas during 2009-10?

5. The 'Dobson Unit' is the most common unit for the measuring __?

6. The Rashtriya Uchattar Shiksha Abhiyan has proposed to put ceiling of how many maximum number of colleges to be affiliated to any university?

7. Which of the following is the longest Railway Tunnel in Asia?

8. As per the latest report, which one of the followings has become the world's second most populous mega city?

9. Who among the following has been named as 'Time Magazine Person of the Year'?

10. As per the latest decision by SEBI , who among the followings can now invest in government securities without any auction mechanism?
1.Foreign institutional investors
2.Qualified foreign investors
3.Overseas Indian citizens
4.Non resident Indians
choose the correct answer from the codes given below?

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