General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. The native people of the Andaman Islands belong to which one of the following race?

2. India is all set for the maiden test firing of its submarine launch of longest range and nuclear capable ballistic missile. The missile is code-named as__?

3. 'Invest India', a joint venture company between the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion and ________?

4. Christopher Martin-Jenkins, who in 2013 passed away was a well-known _________?

5. In which of the following year the first Mutual funds in India were created?

6. Daocheng Yading airport, which is slated to become world's highest airport is located in which among the following countries?

7. The 10-ton meteor, which in 2013 streaked across the sky of Russia, exploded over which among the following mountains of Russia?

8. Who among the following has won International Press Institute Award for excellence in Journalism?

9. At what position India did finish in the Archery World Cup stage 3 held in Columbia in 2013 (July 2013)?

10. In 2013, which among the following has unveiled two phones, terming them the world's “biggest” and the “most powerful” smartphones?

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