General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Sovereignty over the Falkland Islands is disputed between Argentina and __________?

2. Which one of the followings is the major objective of the proposed 'Rajiv Rinn Yojana' scheme?

3. A Miniratna–Category–1 Status holding public sector company in India can incur expenditure on modernization, new projects as well as equipment purchase without the approval of the Government, up to:

4. The 'Dodecanese' are a group of twelve large islands of which country?

5. Which among the following Mobile maker has been served a Rs 2,000 crore demand notice by Income Tax Department in 2013?

6. In 2013, in which among the following states, land acquisition for the Posco steel plant is re-started?

7. What is India's ranking at the first ever 'Environment and Gender Index (EGI)' launched at a side event of the Conference of Parties (COP19), in 2013?

8. The Nile River which is regarded as the longest river in the world empties into the ________?

9. Which of the following became the first telecom operator in the country to receive Unified Licence from the government?

10. India born 'Martha Dodray' has been honoured with a prestigious UN foundation award for her work in protecting children from the crippling disease. Martha is a health worker from __ ?

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