General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. In 2013 (October, 2013), which of the following movies has entered into Guinness World Record for its larger post?

2. Which of the following countries parliament has adopted a law protecting state secrets despite of public opposition?

3. In context to India's defence structure ' Agni missile' is __________?

4. In 2013 (July 2013), which ministry has become the first Central Ministry to be awarded ISO 9001:2008, quality management certification?

5. According to Buddhist tradition, the fifth Buddha, that is yet to come is__?

6. Which of the following has become Europe's first country to allow babies with characteristics of both sexes to be registered as neither male nor female?

7. In 2013 (April 2013), the Public sector company Oil India Ltd (OIL) has commissioned a 54-MW wind turbine power plant in which among the following states?

8. The discovery of the structure of which among the following compounds was based upon clue obtained in dream of its discoverer?

9. Who among the followings has become the first woman to head the Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd?

10. Which of the following parties won the in 2013 held National Assembly Election in Bhutan?

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