General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. In 2013, in which of the following city China launched its first pilot carbon emissions trading system?

2. Which among the following countries has successfully tested the nuclear-capable Hatf-IX tactical missile?

3. Who among the following has won best actor award at the 10th Dubai International Film Festival?

4. Which among the following is the first-ever massive exercise conducted by the Indian Air Force to test battle efficiency in a wartime scenario?

5. Dholera, which the government is panning to develop as a new smart industrial city is located in ________?

6. According to Buddhist tradition, the fifth Buddha, that is yet to come is__?

7. Who among the following is not the winner of 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry?

8. Which of the following committee has been appointed to bring about clarity on taxation matters pertaining to IT sectors?

9. mKRISHI, the platform which uses mobile technology to cater to the needs of the rural sector, has been launched by?

10. Which among the following banks publishes the Purchasing Manager's Index in India from time to time?

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  • Economy of India

    Income and consumption

    India s gross national income per capita had experienced high growth rates since 2002. India s Per Capita Income has tripled from Rs. 19,040 in 2002 03 to Rs. 53,331 in 2010 11, averaging 13.7 Percent growth over these eight years peaking 15.6 Percent in 2010 11.However growth in the inflation adjusted Per capita income of the nation slowed to 5.6 Percent in 2010 11, down from 6.4 Percent in the previous year. These consumption levels are on an individual basis, not household.240 On a household basis, the average income in India was $6,671 per household in 2011.

    Per 2011 census, India has about 330 million houses and 247 million households. The household size in India has dropped in recent years, with 2011 census reporting 50 Percent of households have 4 or less members. The average per 2011 census was 4.8 members per household, and included surviving grandparents.These households produced a GDP of about $1.7 Trillion. The household consumption patterns per 2011 census approximately 67 Percent of households use firewood, crop residue or cow dung cakes for cooking purposes; 53 Percent do not have sanitation or drainage facilities on premises; 83 Percent have water supply within their premises or 100 metres from their house in urban areas and 500 metres from the house in rural areas; 67 Percent of the households have access to electricity; 63 Percent of households have landline or mobile telephone connection; 43 Percent have a television; 26 Percent have either a two wheel motorcycle or four wheel car vehicle. Compared to 2001, these income and consumption trends represent moderate to significant improvements.One report in 2010 claimed that the number of high income households has crossed lower income households.

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