General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Consider the famous movies relased during the early days of Indian Cinema:
1. Alam Ara
2. Shree Pundalik
3. Raja Harishchandra
Which among the following is the correct order in which they were released?

2. Which among the following countries is constructing a temple for goddess Sita?

3. Who among the following has secured two gold medals for India at Track Asia cycling championship?

4. In association with which of the following banks Vodafone India has provided M- Pesa service in Maharashtra in 2013?

5. Which among the following banks has launched the 'Tatkal', scheme that enables the people to transfer money to their families in their native towns and villages without actually opening an account?

6. In 2013, India has signed a clean tech pact to produce ethanol with ________?

7. Washoku, which is being considered for designation as part of the world's priceless cultural heritage by the United Nations, is the traditional cuisine of __?

8. What is the frequency range of Ultra High Frequency band?

9. The Union Budget 2013-14 has pegged the fiscal deficit for the current year at________:

10. The 'Temi Tea' is a tea brand of which among the following states of India?

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