General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. JEEViKA, is the Rural Livelihoods Project of which among the following state Governments?

2. Mithi Virdi nuclear plant is coming up in which of the following states?

3. The Salary of Chief Election Commissioner of India is equal to the salary of________?

4. Who among the followings is the Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities?

5. Charon, which has been spotted for the first time, is the largest moon of __?

6. Which among the following countries is constructing a temple for goddess Sita?

7. The Pan-STARRS, which is in 2013 in news is a ________?

8. Which of the following is the India's first indigenously developed Light Combat Aircraft?

9. The world's only returnable satellite committed to biological research is __:

10. Consider the famous movies relased during the early days of Indian Cinema:
1. Alam Ara
2. Shree Pundalik
3. Raja Harishchandra
Which among the following is the correct order in which they were released?

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  • Flowers

    Mahernia Pinnata

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