General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Who among the following is the Director General of World Trade Organisation?

2. The Elephanta cultural festival is organised by which among the following state governments?

3. In which among the following states, the people following the Baul tradition are found?

4. The Kachin Independence Army is a rebel group active in which of the following country?

5. Which among the following State government celebrates Rajgir Mahotsav, a colourful festival of dance and music?

6. 'O Mor Aponar Desh (O my beloved land)' is slated to be state anthem of __ ?

7. In 2013, which of the following state government has launched 'Anna Bhagya' scheme an initiative to supply 30 kg of rice at Rs 1 per kilogram?

8. The European Parliament has in 2013 granted GSP Plus status to which one of the following countries, in 2013?

9. Which of the following constituents the 'Foreign Exchange Reserves' of India?
1. Gold
2. Special Drawing Rights
3. Foreign Currency loans
4. Reserve Position in the IMF
choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

10. Which one of the followings became the first human-made object to leave the solar system?

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