General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Which one of the followings became the first human-made object to leave the solar system?

2. The 'Arakan Mountain' is the extension of Himalaya mountain range located in which country?

3. What is India's rank in 'Ease of Doing Business' ranking which is released in 2013 by World Bank?

4. Which of the following countries will jointly host the 2015 Cricket World Cup?

5. In 2013, which of the following state government has launched 'Anna Bhagya' scheme an initiative to supply 30 kg of rice at Rs 1 per kilogram?

6. The Luzon strait lies between the Philippines and which one of the following countries?

7. Which among the following State government celebrates Rajgir Mahotsav, a colourful festival of dance and music?

8. The Elephanta cultural festival is organised by which among the following state governments?

9. 'O Mor Aponar Desh (O my beloved land)' is slated to be state anthem of __ ?

10. Consider the following awards:
1.Basha Samman
2.Premachand Fellowships
3.Anand Coomarswamy Fellowships
Which of the above mention award is/are given by Sahitya Akademi of India?

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