General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. At which among the following places, Tamil Nadu's first Spice Park has been inaugurated?

2. Who among the following is the writer of the book titled- 'Walking with Lions : Tales from a Diplomatic Past'?

3. Yellowknife Bay is located on ________?

4. The 'Wakhan Corridor' separates which of the following countries?

5. Which of the following places is associated with silk weaving industry?

6. In September 2013, 'Sarah Outen' became the first woman to row solo from Japan to Alaska. She belongs to which country?

7. Samuel Yin, one of Taiwan's richest men has launched the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize. What is the name of this new prize?

8. Which of the following countries has in 2013 tested its first stealth drone, joining the elite group of four nations in the world to develop the Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle?

9. In 2013, India's newest stock exchange MCX-SX began trading in equities. Which among the following is the name of Flagship index of MCX-SX?

10. World's largest wind farm is being built by ________?

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