General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. With which among the following low cost airlines, Tata Group is making an attempt to enter the airline market in India?

2. The 22nd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting which concluded in Sri Lanka in 2013, has adopted which of the following three independent declarations?

3. With reference to the farm sector of India, consider the following statements:
1. Lending to the farm sector in India is more than half of the agricultural GDP
2. The farm sector GDP growth has been far better than overall GDP growth of India
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

4. In which of the following states the 'Harike Wildlife Sanctuary' is located?

5. In Delhi, which among the following became the first district court to use complete E-Stamping facility?

6. The second phase of ambitious DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) scheme is scheduled to operational from July 1, 2013. How many districts are to be covered in Phase II?

7. Supreme Court has banned tourists from taking the Andaman Nicobar Trunk Road. Which of the following live in the area from which this road passes?

8. Which among the following institution in India awards the Premchand Fellowships?

9. The Tolkappiar award is a lifetime achievement award given to Indian scholar for their contribution in the field of ________ studies. Fill the blank with correct option?

10. The Kurinji flower, a rare phenomenon, blossom once in twelve years, in the________ ?

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