General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Who among the following is leading a U.N. inquiry into the legality of American drone attacks and their impact on civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan and several other countries?

2. The Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd (CMPDI) is located in ________?

3. On which among the following days, World Water Conservation Day is observed ?

4. In 2013, who among the following became the oldest woman to hold the number one world ranking in Tennis?

5. Which among the following commodities has been in news in 2013 with respect to the controversial proposal to pool prices?

6. The Ramnath Goenka awards are given for excellence in the field of________?

7. Who among the following has become the first cricketer to hit 400 sixes in an International Career?

8. The RBI has in 2013 issued guidelines for new bank licences. As per these guidelines, what is the minimum paid-up capital for setting up a bank?

9. Which one of the following has become the first South Asian Country to approve commercial cultivation of Bt Brinjal?

10. Which among the following are the three major medicines banned by Union government in 2013?

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