General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Hari Shankar Singhania, who in 2013 passed away was a well-known ________?

2. India's first Yoga University was in 2013 inaugurated at________:

3. Jeevandan Project, an organ transplantation programme is a project of __________?

4. Which country is launching a national research project to study the genetic basis of the disease in its population?

5. Sindhurakshak, which was in 2013 in news, is a/an _________?

6. Which one of the following Islands is a source of dispute between Spain and Britain?

7. Which one of the followings is/are used as an indicator to measure the insurance development in a country?

8. In 2013 (August, 2013), which of the followings has organized 'Sair-e-Watan' an educational- cum -motivational tour?

9. Volocopter, world's first green helicopter which is noiseless and emission free has been tested in which country, in 2013?

10. Pulichintala multipurpose project, which was conceived in 1911 by British engineer Col.Ellis has been inaugurated exactly after 102 years in 2013. On which river is this project located?

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