General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Asia's largest solar power project has been in 2013 commissioned in ________?

2. The 'Aranumala International Airport' is an airport project planned to be built in which state?

3. India's Deepika Kumari who is news in 2013, is associated with which sports / games?

4. Which of the followings is the latest company to entered agriculture insurance area by launching the weather and yield-based crop insurance in scheme in some states of India?

5. The 'Swarm Mission', which aims to study the Earth's magnetic field is proposed to be launched by?

6. Who among the following headed the committee on “Restructuring of Centrally Sponsored Schemes”?

7. In 2013, in which among the following countries, the giant Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope is unveiled?

8. 'Rabobank' which is in news in 2013, over the Libor interest rate-fixing scandal, is a multinational banking company based in which country?

9. Central Silk Technological Research Institute (CSTRI) is located in ________?

10. Which one of the followings is not a core industry?

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    Measurement of Work

    Man's Way of Helping Himself:
    In Section 150, we learned that the amount of work done depends upon the force exerted, and the distance covered, or that W = force × distance. A man who raises 5 pounds a height of 5 feet does far more work than a man who raises 5 ounces a height of 5 inches, but the product of force by distance is 25 in each case. There is difficulty because we have not selected an arbitrary unit of work. The unit of work chosen and in use in practical affairs is the foot pound, and is defined as the work done when a force of 1 pound acts through a distance of 1 foot. A man who moves 8 pounds through 6 feet does 48 foot pounds of work, while a man who moves 8 ounces (1/2 pound) through 6 inches (1/2 foot) does only one fourth of a foot pound of work.

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