General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. The Kaziranga National Park, which is known for its one-horned rhinos is located in ___________?

2. Which of the following dances is from Braj region of Uttar Pradesh?

3. Who among the following appoints Banking Ombudsman in India?

4. Which of the followings is/are Ramsar recognised wetland sites in India?
1.Ashtamudi Wetlands
2.Bhitarnika Mangroves
3.Deepor Beel
4.Kolleru lake
Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

5. Viraat Ramayan Mandir, world's largest Hindu temple is to be built in __?

6. Which one of the following countries plans to import cows from India to overcome a shortage of milk?

7. Which of the following are member countries of the Mekong-Ganga Cooperation (MGC)?
choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

8. With which one of the following countries, India has signed $15 billion Rafale deal to buy 126 medium range multi-role combat aircrafts (MMRCA)?

9. Ronjan Sodhi, who has been recommended for the prestigious 'Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna' award is associated with which sports/games?

10. The Gram Nyayalaya scheme came into existence in which among the following years ?

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  • Benefits of Rambutan fruits

    Using a clean cloth

    Take a few rambutan leaves and make a paste of it using some water. Filter the leaves extract using a clean cloth. Apply this extract to damp scalp every day. This promotes hair growth and makes the hair roots strong. A rambutan is best within mid season somewhere around June August as they seem to be most sweet, and large.. It is more sweet than sour. When it gets ripened the flesh separates easily from the seed. But when it is not quite ripe, the flesh sticks to the rambutan seed and the taste is a little sour overall, still not a bad taste though.

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