General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Which among the following site in Delhi is not in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

2. Who among the following has been selected for the prestigious Vyas Samman for 2012?

3. Which among the following countries was in 2013 making news for the controversial 'bedroom tax'?

4. As of April 2013, which among the following carriers has the largest market share in Domestic air passenger traffic ?

5. As per the latest annual Forbes wealthiest Americans list, the richest person in America is?

6. By defeating which of the following team, India clinched the ICC Champions Trophy 2013?

7. Under which of the following name the National Aviation University, has been proposed to being set up at Rae Bareli in the state of Uttar Pradesh?

8. Market regulator Sebi has set up a committee headed by former cabinet secretary K M Chandrashekhar to look into various matters related to __:

9. Who is the head of the expert committee set up by the Union government to evolve a composite index to measure the backwardness of States?

10. Who among the following has been appointed as new Chairman of 'Air Asia India'?

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