General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. The Shyamal Sen Commission was set up to enquire into ________?

2. The 67P/ Churyumov?Gerasimenko, which was in 2014 making news is a ________?

3. As per a recent observation by NASA's Earth Observatory, what is the name of world's fourth largest lake which has dried and is on threshold to vanish completely?

4. The 3,000 mile or 4,800 km mass migration of Monarch butterflies in North America is one of the insect world's fantastic feats. According to a recent discovery a gene is responsible for the miraculous flight of the insects. What is the gene related to?

5. The Bimal Jalan panel which submitted its report in 2014 was set up by RBI to ________?

6. In 2014, the National Judicial Appointments Commission ( NJAC ) has got president assent. The NJAC will comprise of:
1. Chief Justice of India
2. Two senior judges of Supreme Court
3. Two eminent personalities
4. The Prime minister and the law minister
Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

7. Which among the following treaty is associated with establishment of European Union?

8. What is the name of India's first long-range subsonic cruise missile?

9. In 2014, the government of India has extended the ban on imports of milk and its products from China for one more year till 2015. The ban has imposed due to presence of ________?

10. Which among the following parties has gain majority in the 10th Parliamentary elections held in Bangladesh, in 2014?

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