General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. The 23rd World Economic Forum on East Asia was in 2014 concluded in________?

2. In 2014, 'Recep Tayyip Erdogan' has won the first direct presidential election of which country?

3. G. Sathiyan has jumped to No.1 spot in the National rankings list. Which game does he represent?

4. In 2014, Indian Air Force has launched its first 3D mobile game to encourage youths to join the Air Force. The name of the game is ________?

5. In 2014, which among the following banks has organised 'The Banking and Economics Conclave 2014' a national level banking conclave for the first time?

6. Maritime Energy Heli Air Services (MEHAIR), a pioneer of Seaplane operations in the country which has been operating in ________?

7. Boko Haram-the deadly terror group in Nigeria has in 2014 declared an Islamic Caliphate in a small town in the country which has been wrestled back by the armed forces. What is the name of the place?

8. In 2014, it was reported in the newspaper that over 670 large dams across the country fall under high-intensity seismic zones. Which state has highest number of dams falls under high-intensity seismic zone?

9. Government of India has named a new programme 'Neeranchal' with an initial outlay of Rs. 2142 crores. What does the programme aim to achieve?

10. Who among the following has been named ambassador for 2015 International Cricket Council World Cup?

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