General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Who was the first Indian to receive the Stalin Prize?

2. Which among the following states has launched free CFL bulbs scheme for hut dwellers?

3. Which among the following cities holds the sobriquets the 'city of itar (perfume)'?

4. Which among the following states does not share a border with Telangana?

5. In which of the following years Government introduced the Market Stabilisation Scheme (MSS) to absorb excess liquidity?

6. The MINUSMA is a name of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in ________?

7. According to NCRB report, which city has recorded highest number of cyber crime cases in the country?

8. Which among the following is not a correct match:

9. What is the health score of the oceans of the world out of 100, as per the latest Ocean Health Index 2014?

10. As of October 2014, the 'State of Palestine' is recognized by which among the following permanent members of United Nations?

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