General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Currently, India's per capita steel consumption is approximately ________?

2. According to the latest data released by Central Statistics Office (CSO), which among the following states has emerged as fastest growing state during 2012-13?

3. The Union government has planning to launch new schemes 'Ustaad', 'Hamari Dharohar' and 'Nai Manzil' for the welfare of ________?

4. The construction of irrigation dam across the Palar river has caused dispute among which two states?

5. India's 'Ankita Raina' is associated with which of the following sports/events?

6. In 2014, India has launched third-line drug therapy or rescue therapy for people living with which disease?

7. Which among the following major ports in India is a corporate port?

8. The 18th BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India and China) ministerial meeting on Climate Change will be held in ________?

9. What is the current (2012-13 data) national average for infant mortality rate (IMR) in India per 1000 live births?

10. In 2014, the realty show based on classical music 'Naad Bhed-The Mystery of Sound' has been selected by the Limca Book of records. Naad Bhed is a first of its kind national-level reality television show in the country on classical music aired by ________?

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