General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Palkonda Hills are a range of hills that form a structural part of ________?

2. As per the latest (2014) report, India ranked fifth among top ten wind power producers in the world. As per the report world's top four wind power producing countries are ________?

3. In 2014, NASA's curiosity rover has completed one whole Martian year on the Red planet. The Martian year refers to the length of time for Mars to complete one orbit around the Sun and is about ________ Earth solar days?

4. Consider the following rivers:
Which of the above rivers originate in Maharashtra?

5. In 2014 opened Taishan Antarctic research station belongs to which one of the following countries?

6. According to the Environmental Performance Index, which is the world's largest greenest country?

7. Which of the following Gharanas is not a part of Dhrupad gharanas?

8. The Environment Protection related principle of common but differentiated responsibility (CBDR) was enshrined in ________?

9. Name the Indian Shooter who won the silver medal in World Cup in USA, in 2014?

10. Which among the following monuments is the top earning monument in the country?

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