General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Iddukki hydroelectricity project is located on which river?

2. Who among the following was not awarded the Fields Medal for Mathematics, 2014?

3. Under the new NATO mission Resolute Support, US Army will give training and support to which country's army to fight extremism?

4. Who among the following has been named Chef-de-Mission of India's Common Wealth Game contingent?

5. Who is the author of the in 2014 published book Final Test: Exit Sachin Tendulkar ?

6. Palkonda Hills are a range of hills that form a structural part of ________?

7. According to tourism ministry data, which state has topped the list of states in terms of number of domestic tourist visits during 2013?

8. The Chairman of National Water Resource Council of India is ________?

9. Which of the following Gharanas is not a part of Dhrupad gharanas?

10. Who among the following is the youngest female ever in the world to reach the world's highest peak Everest?

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    Açai Berry

    The açai (ah-sigh-ee) palm tree grows in Central and South America, with a range that extends from Belize south to Brazil and Peru. The palm produces a small, deeppurple fruit that is one of the primary foodstuffs for native people living in the Amazon region of Brazil where it is harvested. Açai “berry”—actually a drupe—tastes like a mixture of berries and chocolate, and is packed full of antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. It has ten times the anthocyanins of red wine. It also has a protein profile similar to egg whites.
    At least one study has shown that chemical compounds extracted from the açai berry slow the proliferation of leukemia cells in laboratory cultures, and others have shown that it has a powerful effect against common oxygen free radicals. The açai fruit not only shows potential in cancer prevention, but also reduces inflammation, which has been implicated in heart and lung disease, allergies, and auto-immune disorders.
    For a fruit, açai contains a relatively high proportion of fatty acids, including oleic, palmitic, and linoleic (an unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid), as well as aspartic and glutamic amino acids, which contribute to building proteins.
    Nutritional Facts :
    One ounce of freeze-dried pulp provides 152 calories, 14 g carbohydrate, 2.5 g protein, 9 g fat, 13 g dietary fiber, 286 IU vitamin A, 74 mg calcium, 17 mg phosphorus, and 1.3 mg iron.

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