General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. In 2014 opened Taishan Antarctic research station belongs to which one of the following countries?

2. In 2014, NASA's curiosity rover has completed one whole Martian year on the Red planet. The Martian year refers to the length of time for Mars to complete one orbit around the Sun and is about ________ Earth solar days?

3. Who among the following has won the Spanish Grand Prix-2014?

4. According to Assocham report, which among the following states has recorded the highest per capita milk availability?

5. In 2014 inaugurated Khurkot Bridge will provide the shortest land route between ________ ?

6. Which among the following Indian carriers has banned shipment of Shark fins as a measure to protect declining shark populations?

7. Who among the following is the youngest female ever in the world to reach the world's highest peak Everest?

8. As per the latest (2014) report, India ranked fifth among top ten wind power producers in the world. As per the report world's top four wind power producing countries are ________?

9. With which among the following countries, India shares the longest boundary?

10. Which among the following will be the headquarters of the proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)?

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