General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Komik, the highest motorable village of the world at 4513 metres is located in ________?

2. Which among the following International Organisation is not based in Geneva?

3. According to the latest report on digital governance India was ranked 8th in the list of ten countries. The country which topped the list is ________?

4. The 'Bosporus Strait' is the world's narrowest strait used for international navigation connects which of the following seas?

5. Who has been named as the Most Valued Player of India's Incheon Asian Games squad?

6. The Montreal Protocol calls for ________?

7. The 'Tsongmo or Changu' lake is located in ________?

8. The 'Serra dos Carajas Hill' world's largest reservoir of iron ore is located in ________?

9. The theme of 'World Green Economy Summit-2014' which concluded at Dubai is ________?

10. Who among the following has become the first Indian piston shooter to be rank no.1 in the world ranking, in 2014?

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