General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. According SEBI new slew of reforms all listed companies including PSU's must have public shareholding of ________ per cent. Fill the blank with correct option?

2. In 2014, the International Cricket Council (ICC) voted for a structural revamp, which allow five man executive committee with three permanent seats. The countries with permanent seats in the executive committee are ________?

3. Which of the following FMCG product has been in 2014 banned in India under provisions of Rule 135-B?

4. Which among the following diseases is often called as 'Polio of Agriculture'?

5. According to latest economic census, which among the following states has highest maximum number of employees?

6. The so called Northern Limit Line is a disputed maritime demarcation line between ________?

7. As per the latest survey, which among the following is the most expensive office location in the world?

8. The Indian government has announced its plans to set-up a high speed train corridor. Currently, what is the maximum speed of long-distance Indian trains?

9. The 'Brix Degree' is a unit for measuring ________?

10. The 'Dinka' people are largest ethnic group inhabiting in ________?

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