General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. The Palatana power project the biggest gas-based power project in the north-eastern region has been commissioned in 2014 by________?

2. What is the ranking of India in the in 2014 released Global Hunger Index?

3. In 2014, which South Asian country as signed a 10 year pact that would allow US military in that nation?

4. In 2014, five Indian companies made it to the CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index 2014 as a recognition of their efforts to mitigate climate change. Which is not a part of them?

5. Which among the following countries proposed an initiative 'Maritime Silk Road' to boost connectivity between the Asia-Pacific regions?

6. Which among the following state has got Krishi Karman award 2014 for foodgrain production of more than 10 million tonnes?

7. Which city will host the 2015 European Games the inaugural edition of the European Games?

8. In 2014, Aravind Mayaram headed panel has recommended all investment above ________ percent as foreign direct investment (FDI)?

9. As per the new study conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which Indian city is considered to be most polluted in the world?

10. Consider the following:
Which of the above correctly represents the 'Baltic Nations'?

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