General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Which among the following government ministries / departments have in 2014 launched 'Virtual Clusters'?

2. India has been ranked 135th rank among 187 countries in the in 2014 released Human Development Report-2014. Which among the following countries has been ranked number one?

3. The proposed Good & Services Tax ( GST ) will subsume which among the following taxes?
1. Income Tax
2. Sales Tax
3. Excise Duty
4. Value Added Tax
Choose the correct option:

4. Firoza Begum, who passed away in 2014, was a legendary singer in ________?

5. 'The Organiser' is a weekly magazine published by which among the following organizations?

6. With reference to the fauna of India, what is Southern Birdwing?

7. The Warsaw climate conference is also known as ________?

8. According to latest survey, which of the following cities is expected to become World's Top Tourist destination?

9. India has in 2014 cancelled the purchase of 197 Light Utility Helicopters (LUH) worth $1 billion due to corruption issues. Via this deal, which among the following vintage fleet of copters was to be replaced?

10. In 2014, NASA has proposed a new mission HAVOC to explore the atmosphere of which one of the following planets?

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  • Famous Indian Scientists

    Vijay P Bhatkar

    Vijay Bhatkar is an Indian scientist Indias computer magazine Dataquest has placed him among the star pioneers who shaped Indias IT industryBhatkar is best known as the architect of Indias national initiative in supercomputing where he led the development of Param supercomputers He developed the first Indian supercomputer, the Param 8000, in 1991 and then later the Param 10000 in 1998 Based on the Param series of supercomputers, he built the National Param Supercomputing Facility (NPSF) which has been now made available as a grid computing facility through Garuda grid on the National Knowledge Network (NKN) providing nationwide access to High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure Currently, Bhatkar is working on exascale supercomputing via the Capability, Capacity and Infrastructure on National Knowledge Network Bhatkar has authored/edited over 12 books and 80 technical and research papers and addressed several university convocations, international and national conferences and conventions and public functions

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