General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. India has in 2014 cancelled the purchase of 197 Light Utility Helicopters (LUH) worth $1 billion due to corruption issues. Via this deal, which among the following vintage fleet of copters was to be replaced?

2. World Hindi Diwas is being observed every year on ___?

3. Luis Suarez, who has been banned by the FIFA for nine international matches and barred from all football activities for four months, is from which country?

4. As per the Ministry of Environment and Forest latest notification which among the following states has largest 'ecologically sensitive area' in Western Ghats?

5. In 2014, NASA has proposed a new mission HAVOC to explore the atmosphere of which one of the following planets?

6. In 2014, China and the US have entered into a landmark agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions. What fraction of world's carbon dioxide emissions are produced by China and US together?

7. What is the name of the in 2014 commissioned 200th ship constructed at Goa Shipyard Limited?

8. Which among the following is NOT a correct match?

9. According to latest survey, which of the following cities is expected to become World's Top Tourist destination?

10. As per the Rangarajan committee report which was tasked with revisiting the Tendulkar formula for estimation of poverty and identification of poor what percent of the India population lives below the poverty line?

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