General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Who among the following can invest in capital markets in India through Portfolio Investment?
1. Non Resident Indians (NRIs)
2. Foreign Institutional Investments (FIIs)
3. Persons of Indian Origins (PIO)
Choose the correct answer from the option given below:

2. The official Mascot of the 2014 FIFA World Cup is ________?

3. Which British actor and director whose dream project Gandhi won 8 Oscars, passed away last week?

4. In the in 2014 concluded Asian Games, what was the rank of India in final medal tally?

5. Which among the following is the only Iranian port with direct access to ocean?

6. According to Reserve Bank of India's latest study, which one of the following states ranks as the best performing state in most of the key fiscal parameters?

7. Who has been Choosen as the captain of ICC ODI Team of the Year 2014?

8. Pranlal Patel, who passed away in 2014, was a well known________?

9. Article 370, which is one of the temporary, transitional and special provisions in the constitution of India is enshrined in which among the following parts of Indian Constitution?

10. Kishenpur wildlife sanctuary is located in ________?

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