General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Approximately, what fraction of India's GDP is generated by Tourism?

2. In 2014, Cricket maestro Kapil Dev launched SloPho. What is SloPho?

3. The Union government has in 2014 granted minority status to Jain community. The top three states with largest Jain population in the country are ________?

4. In which year Financial Action Task Force was established?

5. Which among the following is NOT chemical substance of daily use?

6. What is the code name given for the military exercise conducted by the India Army in the desert of Rajasthan, in 2014?

7. In the human body the 'Calf muscle' is found on the ________?

8. World Wildlife Fund has released the Living Planet Report 2014 in 2014. What is the theme of the report?

9. Which among the following chemical is most suitable in Food Processing industry , to be used as a food preservatives?

10. Partnership to Advance Clean Energy (PACE) was launched to increase collaboration on energy security and clean energy between?

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    Volvo S60

    September 29, 2014: The Hrithik Katrina starrer Bang Bang will feature stylish red Volvo S60 R Design as their ride in the flick. Recently, Volvo also launched the S60 R Design priced at Rs 40.10 lakh (Ex showroom, Delhi). The R Design trims gets cosmetic changes such as newly designed front bumper, 18 inch diamond cut alloys, black honeycomb air dam, black grille with R Design badge. The other extra features embraced by the R Design are ORVMs with silver finish, two chrome exhausts and a visible diffuser. While inside the cabin, the vehicle features R Design seats, R Design steering wheel, an upgraded audio system and paddle shifters for quick shifts. Moreover, in terms of safety, the car gets rear view camera, satellite navigation and an infotainment system.

    Volvo S60 is a luxury sedan belonging to the D segment of deluxe cars. The facelift of S60 model has got better performing engine and quite a few changes at the exteriors and interiors front. The stunning car has a strong technological base which determines its performance, safety and fuel efficiency. The car comes with many major and minor detailing which makes it look unique in the market. The luxury dip comes with mesmerising interiors and exteriors. The new S60 has got new dynamic design that enhances the sporty character of the car. The front has got a wider appeal, that sends out an impressive road presence of the car. Along with this, the restyled headlamps with daylight running feature and wider grille adds to the bold look of Volvo S60. The rear is huge and bulging out while the low lined and sleek look of the car makes it an eligible member of Volvo family. Volvo has literally used S60 sedan to make a come back in Indian automobile market. The tradition of launching chic cars was started only after launching Volvo XC60 SUV whose looks are definitely to die for. This was continued by S60 also which has a fashionable look. Globally, S60 is being manufactured since 2000. The design team leader of Volvo Peter Horbury gave a completely new face to Volvo car starting with S60. Before this, Volvo cars were bland looking with their typical boxy design. The S60 was constructed upon Volvo

    Chourishi Systems