General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. The 'Dag Hammarkjold Medal' given posthumously to military personnel, police or civil is instituted by ________?

2. 'Henderson Brooks-Bhagat Report' is a classified report related to ________?

3. 'Vishu Festival' is a traditional Hindu festival celebrates in which among the following states?

4. The 'Yandex' is a one of the largest search engine company operating in ________?

5. In 2014, the union government has announced the material-labour expenditure ratio in the MGNREGE scheme would be changed from 60:40% to ________?

6. Which country of Africa which was highly affected by Ebola has been declared ebola-free by WHO?

7. The Solid carbon dioxide is mainly used as ________?

8. According to the Annual Health Survey (2012-13) released by the Office of Registrar General & Census Commissioner, which among the following states of India has highest IMR (Infant Mortality Rate)?

9. Which of these famous dancers is associate with Kuchipudi Dance?

10. Who among the following was the founder of 'Ahmedia Movement'?

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