General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Who among the following has won the Ceat International Cricketer of the year award for 2013-14?

2. The 'Salar Jung Museum', which has turned 125 years of foundation in 2014, is in ________?

3. In 2014, which among the following Indian companies announced that it was launching operation in Russia, its first market in Europe?

4. 'Venom GT' which is in 2014 making news, is a ________?

5. As per the Assocham report, which among the following states has emerging as a prominent manufacturing investment hub in the country?

6. China has in 2014 unveiled its plans to build the world's longest underwater tunnel beneath which sea?

7. Which Indian player has been selected by International Tennis Federation for Davis Cup Commitment Award?

8. India's housing project in Sri Lanka in which Indian government is building 6000 houses, is located in ________?

9. Through how many states of India, river Ganga flows?

10. Under the new Pacts signed with Australia what special advantage has been granted to people having 'Persons of Indian Origin' card?

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