General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Which of the following countries is not a part of the Arctic Circle?

2. What is the name of NASA's Spectrograph launched in 2014 to study birthplace of stars?

3. World Bank funded India Development Marketplace (DM), a competitive grant-based programme for profit and non-profit organisations working in the area of delivering services to the poor in north-eastern states of ________?

4. The 'Golden Pen of Freedom Award' is an annual international journalism award given by the ________?

5. Currently, which among the following political parties is not recognised as National Political Party?

6. With which country has the new government of Afghanistan signed a bilateral security agreement?

7. In 2014, India has achieved the milestone of exporting its first patrol vessel 'CGS Baraccuda' to which country?

8. In 2014, which one of the following countries has announced the start of work on a new canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?

9. India's first electric zero-emission bus has been introduced at ________ ?

10. 'HYLITES' which is in news in 2014, is a ________?

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