General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which of the following new method is introduced by the RBI to calculate banks lending rate to borrowers?

2. Who among the following has won the ATP World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi?

3. Which committee was constituted by RBI to review governance of boards of banks in India?

4. In 2015, India and United States have signed an agreement to develop three smart cities in India. Which one of the following is not one of that?

5. Who is the author of the novel 'All the Light We Cannot See'?

6. Which country has granted permission to the Life Insurance of India (LIC) to run its business?

7. Bimal Prasad, who passed away in 2015 was India's former ambassador of which country?

8. The 'Channapatna toys' are a particular form of wooden toys that are manufactured in which state?

9. Which one of the following has been awarded with the 2015 'European Car of the Year'?

10. As per the latest report of NITI Aayog, which of the following states has emerged as the 'fastest growing economy' in India in 2014-15?

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