General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Who among the following has won the women's and men's singles titles, respectively at Syed Modi International Badminton Championship?

2. Which bird has been voted as United Kingdom's first national bird?

3. According to International Federation of Journalist, which among the following is the most dangerous country for journalists?

4. Who is the chairman of the committee set up to study the status of the Sports Authority of India?

5. Which one of the following organisations is launching new anti-terrorism projects in partnership with Muslim countries and also increasing its intelligence sharing?

6. Who among the following has won the Best Professional Golfer of the Year in men and woman category, respectively?

7. Who has been appointed as new Chairman of National Highways Authority of India?

8. In 2015, which state government has launched 'Operation Vatsalya' to track missing children?

9. The I-LTEO programme is launched by which of the following union ministries?

10. The controversial Kalasa-Banduri canal project is associated with which two states?

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