General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. The 'Great Prophet 9' is a military drill kicked off by which country, in 2015?

2. For what purpose, Operation Smile-II will be launched across India?

3. Union government will re-introduce Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) to promote ________?

4. Farzad-B gas field is located in which of the following countries?

5. According to the data from the first urban Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC), which among the following state in India has highest per cent of urban BPL households?

6. Shiva Keshavan is related to which of the following sports?

7. As per recommendations of which committee, BCCI changed the format of the Deodhar Trophy?

8. Ravindra Jain , who passed away in 2015, was a famous ________?

9. Boll rot is an important fungal disease that has been affecting which one of the following crops ?

10. Which of the following states will be the second to set up NRI Commission?

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    In some countries

    In some countries, to secure a shooters license may require an examination. Minors may have restricted licenses or may not be permitted to carry arms outside a licensed shooting range. In these cases Biathlon competitions will need to be modified to accommodate the firearms legislation of the local jurisdiction.

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