General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which North East state of India has been in 2015 declared as disturbed area by the union government?

2. Chatla Sriramulu, who passed away in 2015, was related to which of the following fields?

3. The chemical used in indelible ink (Election ink) is ________?

4. In 2015, Indian Railways partnered with whom to provide free high speed WiFi across 400 railway stations in India?

5. In which state is located the Mandla Plant Fossils National Park?

6. Who is the newly appointed chairman of the empowered committee of state finance ministers on GST ?

7. On which date, the World Milk Day is observed?

8. The Iguazu Falls, which is listed in seven wonders of nature, is located in which country?

9. The Pampas are a grassland biome in ________?

10. From time to time, which among the following organizations publishes 'Progress of the World's Women' report?

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    There are various rituals that are followed in the worshipping of goddess Saraswati. The ones common to all those worshipping Saraswati are that the idol of the goddess is clothed in white, the other predominant colour in the celebrations is yellow, to indicate the onset of spring and the blossoming of mustard flowers. Families dressed in bright yellow gather together before the idol of Saraswati and pray for the blessing of knowledge. Flowers, fruits, sweets are offered to the goddess. The students place their books before the deity and do not do any reading or writing that day. An elaborate puja, with sandalwood, ghee, joss sticks, and incense is done to the sound of shlokas, conch shells, and drums. On this day, people eat Satwik food and initiate children into the world of the written word. Traditionally, priests make children write the word Om.

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