General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which one of the following declarations is related to working children?

2. Which of the following committees has submitted its report on 'Possible Tax rates under GST '?

3. Who has been elected as UN general assembly president of its 70th anniversary session?

4. Which of the following has emerged as the only Indian company among the world's 10 biggest consumer financial arms?

5. Which state has set up a fenced, forested elephant sanctuary?

6. In terms of number of subscribers, the top telecom operator in the World is?

7. Hollywood composer, James Horner, who died in 2015, had won two academic awards for his work in which movie?

8. Who has been appointed as chairman of Atomic Energy Commission?

9. Which of the following countries launched the satellite named Yaogan-28?

10. Which city is the venue for the Global Editors Network (GEN) Summit-2015?

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  • Homeopathy


    Uranium nitricum
    Uranium nitrate.

    Key Uses:
  • Diabetes with water retention and increased urination
  • Digestive disorders, such as indigestion, bloating, and abdominal gas
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney inflammation
  • Liver problems

    Origin : Chemically prepared.

    Background : This is a compound of the radioactive metal uranium, which was named in 1789 by Klaproth after the planet Uranus, since the element was first located soon after the planetís discovery.

    Preparation : Uranium nitrate is triturated with lactose sugar.

    Remedy Profile : There is no well-defined picture for people who respond best to Uranium nit., although irritability and depression may be evident.
    Diabetes, kidney inflammation, high blood pressure, and liver problems can all respond to Uranium nit. It has an affinity with the digestive system and may be used for indigestion, bloating, and abdominal gas. Diabetes with water retention and increased urination may also be treated with this remedy.

    Symptoms Better : For open air; for rapid movement; for bathing in cold water.

    Symptoms Worse : For heat; for rest; for sour foods; for wine.

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