General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. The former RBI deputy governor Shyamala Gopinath has been appointed as the chairperson of which among the following banks?

2. Which two diseases have been reported to cause for highest number of global death of children in India?

3. The 6th Joint Military Training Exercise 'Ekuverin-VI' will be held between which of the countries?

4. Which country generates highest per capita e-waste?

5. Which Indian company has featured among the top 100 brands in the US?

6. According to New World Wealth report, the number of High Net worth Individuals is highest in which one of the following religions?

7. Which article of the Constitution of India directs the state to organize village panchayats ?

8. Who would be the next Chief Justice of India?

9. Which day is celebrated as World Science Day for Peace and Development 2015?

10. Who is the head of the SEBI 's committee on issues related to disclosure and accounting for standards?

General Knowledge

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