General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. As on March, 2015, how many SAARC countries have sent satellites into space?

2. What is the code name of the military operation in Yemen against Shia Houthi group?

3. In 2015, which country has launched successfully launched a new meteorological satellite called Fengyun-II 08?

4. The Great Khural is unicameral parliament of which country?

5. Who among the following is the new chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation?

6. According to the government data, which among the following countries adopts most numbers of Indian children from various orphanages in India?

7. First international film festival for the persons with disabilities (IFFPD) will be held in which city?

8. Which Indian state has the highest graduate unemployment rate?

9. Which of the following airports has become world's first solar- run airport?

10. Which is the highest award given by the Sangeet Natak Academy?

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    A Simple NonSectarian Technique

    Kriya Yoga is nonsectarian. Its simple technique causes no hardship, requires no austerities, and suits aspiring householders as well as monks. From the principles of Karma Yoga, Kriya Yoga teaches that all action, kri, is done by the indwelling soul, ya. Continuous awareness of the power of the indwelling soul can transform all activity into worship. Awareness that the soul must inhale every breath leads to mind control and liberation.
    The Kriya technique emphasizes the relationship between breath and mind. The breath influences the mind and viceversa. This reciprocal relationship reveals the secret of controlling the mind Breath control is selfcontrol. Breath mastery is selfmastery. Breathlessness is deathlessness. The breathless state of samadhi is the realization of the Absolute.

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