General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Who is the first Woman President of Nepal?

2. Which of the following state governments has decided to celebrate ' Gita Jayanti Mahotsava' throughout the state?

3. The Chambal River does not flow through which one of the following states?

4. The Lake Titicaca (highest navigable lake in the world) is on the border of ________?

5. Who among the following is the head of the panel formed RBI to look into parameters for urban co-operative banks, in 2015?

6. Which country unveiled the Izumo, the largest warship since World War II?

7. Who is the author of the book titled ? 'To the Brink and Back: India's 1991 Story'?

8. In 2015, India and which country signed agreement on mutual protection of classified information?

9. What is the name of new capital of Andhra Pradesh?

10. Which of the following holds the sobriquet 'City of Letters'?

General Knowledge

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    Checking that the cro is triggered correctly

    Before any measurements can be made we must ensure that the CRO is correctly triggered. The best way to do this is to follow the steps listed below. First check that the Trigger Level Control is set in the AUTO position. This is done by pulling the knob towards you.Now we put the Slope Control to the Positive selection.Ensure that the Sync Selector is in the A.C. position.Finally make sure that unless otherwise advised, leave the Source Selector in the INT position.

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