General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Tim Peake is related to which of the following fields?

2. To convey the message of cleanness, the 'Litter Free Campaign' has been launched by which company?

3. In 2015, which one of the following schemes of union government has entered into Guinness book of world record?

4. Which country is considered to have the largest reserve of recoverable uranium in the world?

5. Who has won the PGA of American Player of the year award?

6. Which country leads in the production of hydroelectric power in the world?

7. Who among the following has won the prestigious DSC Prize for Literature, one of the South Asia's top literary awards?

8. As per latest report, the per capita emission of greenhouse gases is highest in which country?

9. Which one of the following states shares longest border with Bangladesh?

10. Which one of the following is often called 'Twitter of China'?

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