General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which of the following states has become the first Indian state to launch Rotavirus vaccination project?

2. Which of the following states is hosting the 26th conference of the Southern Zonal Council?

3. Who has won the 2015 Macau Open Grand Prix Gold Badminton tournament?

4. What is the maximum monthly pension for the subscribers under Atal Pension Yojana?

5. Puerto Toro, world's southernmost permanently inhabited community is located in which country?

6. Mangesh Padgaonkar, who passes away in 2015, was related to which of the following fields?

7. Who has been appointed as the first male member of National Commission for Women (NCW)?

8. Which of the following is the guided missile destroyer of Indian Navy?

9. Which among the following temples of India is known as Black Pagoda?

10. The Rajiv Gandhi Illuminating Scheme for Hill Town Advancement (RISHTA) project has been launched by which state government?

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