General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. In 2015 appointed Indian men's football team head coach Stephen Constantine is from________?

2. Who is author of the book 'Nehru: A Troubled Legacy'?

3. Which country providing technology to develop coastal road project in Maharashtra?

4. Which among the following states instituted the National Kavi Pradeep Samman?

5. Who is the chairman of BCCI technical committee that has recommended several changes in Ranaji format?

6. Exercise HAND-IN-HAND 2015 will be conducted in which province of China?

7. Which of the following cities has been named as the World Book Capital for 2017?

8. Irwin Rose, who died in 2015, was a Nobel Prize winner in which field?

9. Which of the following city / state is host of first National Tribal Carnival?

10. Which one of the following is the most widely produced Cacao variety in the world?

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