General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Noboru Karashima, who passed away in 2015, related to which among the following fields?

2. BRICS countries account for what fraction of global GDP ?

3. The International Year of Light 2015 is an initiative that aims to raise awareness about the breakthroughs in light science is adopted by________?

4. Which of the following bodies is preparing to launch an 'inclusive economies' initiative to combat economic inequality?

5. Which of the following organizations releases World Economic Outlook from time to time?

6. T S Papola, who passed away in 2015, was related to which of the following fields?

7. Who became the first Chief Minister to receive the second highest civilian award Padma Vibhushan?

8. Which of the following ministries has launched an online quiz programme titled ? 'BHARAT KO JANIYE'?

9. As per latest FIFA ranking (June, 2015), which is the top ranked Asian team?

10. Who among the following will be awarded with the Master Dinanath Mangeshkar Award in 2016?

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