General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which country hosted the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH)-2015?

2. As per World Bank, which country has highest investment commitment in 2014?

3. World's largest vertical maze has been unveiled in in 2015 in ________?

4. Who of the following Indian-American doctor has been named the first Poet Laureate by the U.S state of Ohio?

5. Which of the following states has decided to impose drought tax, in 2015?

6. In 2015, the Government of India (GoI) launched e-payment module to deposit compensatory levies into CAMPA Funds. What does CAMPA stans for?

7. Which of the following cosmonauts currently holds record for having spent maximum time in Space?

8. Who has been given an additional charge of the post of director of Enforcement Directorate (ED)?

9. Which two countries kicked off Silk Route-2015 military exercise, in 2015?

10. The NTCA has in 2015 declared which two national parks as tiger reserves?

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  • Karva Chauth Fast

    karva Chauth in Other states

    Other Indian states also observes this fast. In Gujarat, many women observe this fast with great spirit. In Madhya Pradesh also, most of them follow the traditions of the women from Uttar Pradesh. In all these states the first Karva Chauth of any new bride is a very important festival. New clothes, new jewelery and gifts from both mother and motherinlaw are received. The wedding day outfits are worn once again, mehndi is applied and the family gathers to celebrate it with them. There are many similar stories associated with this festival in different parts of India. In Maharashtra this particular fast is not very popular but a similar one called Vaat Savitri is kept by married women.

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