General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Who of the following is the first Indian to score Pro-Boxing hat-trick?

2. Who among the following headed the RBI 's internal working group on Priority Sector Lending (PSL)?

3. UNMEER is the first-ever United Nations emergency health mission, to combat ________?

4. Apart from India and US, which country is participating in 2015 Malabar bilateral navy exercise?

5. Cairns Group is a coalition of which of the following countries?

6. The mobile wallet app 'Buddy' launched by which bank in 2015?

7. Which among the following is highest urbanized country?

8. On recommendation of which committee, the Sanskrit and Tamil were recognised as classical languages?

9. The FARC rebels are members of a terrorist organization which is in conflict with which of the following governments?

10. In which of the following cities of India, tsunami early warning system was tested successfully, in 2015?

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