General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which of the following two Indians have in 2015 won the Whitley award for their contribution to wildlife conservation?

2. According Official World Golf Ranking, who is the number one golf player in the world?

3. GAGAN, India's indigenous navigational system is jointly developed by ISRO and which of the following?

4. Aadiperukku festival is celebrated in which of the following states?

5. In 2015 demolished 'Temple of Baalshamin' was located in ________?

6. Which one of the following committee was constituted to review environmental laws in the country?

7. Which country currently (June 2015) holds the presidency of G-20 forum?

8. Which programme was launched to inculcate a spirit of inquiry, creativity and love for Science and Mathematics in school children?

9. As per the latest study by the Forest Survey of India, which state has recorded largest increase in forest cover in the country?

10. Which country will host the BRICS Media Summit 2015?

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