General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which among the following is NOT a G4 group country?

2. Sir Venkatraman Ramakrishnan had won the Nobel Prize for his work on ________?

3. Which country will host the BRICS Media Summit 2015?

4. Who among the following Indian women farmer is included in BBC's list of 100 most aspirational women?

5. Who became the first Indian to won Silver Medal in 2015 Archery World Cup Final, in 2015?

6. Virendra Nath Misra, who died in 2015, was an eminent ________?

7. Which one of the following committee was constituted to review environmental laws in the country?

8. How many states and union territories of India have sea coast?

9. In 2015 demolished 'Temple of Baalshamin' was located in ________?

10. The Igbo, Yoruba and Housa are the three major tribes in ________?

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    First competitions

    Skiing changed its from a method of transportation into a sporting activity during the late 19th century. The first non military skiing competitions are reported to have been held in the 1840s in northern and central Norway. The first national skiing competition in Norway, held in the capital Christiania (now Oslo) and won by Sondre Norheim, in 1868, is regarded as the beginning of a new era of skiing enthusiasm. A few decades later, the sport spread to the remainder of Europe and to the US, where miners held skiing competitions to entertain themselves during the winter. The first slalom competition was organised by Sir Arnold Lunn in 1922 in M

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