General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2016

1. What is the name of the genetically-modified (GM) mustard developed in India?

2. As per in 2016 released World Malaria Report 2015 of WHO, which continent has become first in the world to end malaria?

3. Who will be the new Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau?

4. Who among the following has been placed in the list of top 50 most influential leaders of the world by Fortune magazine?

5. Who has won the award for Best Child Artist at the 63rd National film awards 2015?

6. Operation Cold, is launched by the which of the following police forces?

7. Alan Rickman, who passed away in 2016, was related to which field?

8. Vilmos Zsigmond, who passed away in 2016, belong to which of the following fields?

9. Who among the following became the first ever Indian woman to qualify for Olympics in Gymnastics?

10. Which country is hosting the 2016 Heart of Asia ? Istanbul Ministerial Process?

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    Suitilla or Suj Tilla West is a Himalayan peak located on the eastern side of Uttarakhand state in Pithoragarh District of India. The peak is located above the junction of Kalabaland, Sankalp and Yankchar glaciers. Ralam Dhura pass is situated to the south of this peak, which connects Ralam valley to Darma valley. This peak is characterised by steep ice-flutings and sharp ridges, so named as Peak of needles. This peak was first climbed in 2001 by an Indo-British joint expedition by two Britishers Graham Little and Jim Lowther. The Indian navy team was led by Lt. Cdr. Satyabrata Dam. The climbers who made the summit are Divyesh Muni, Lt. Amit Pande,Sherpa Nima Dorje, Lt. K S Balaji, Lt. Amit Rajora, Chera Rajkumar, A. Chaudhury, Sherpa Tsange, Puri and Nima Thondup. The most popular route to the summit is through the south west face. About 200 m away from Suj Tilla West is Suj Tilla East (6394 m). This peak is still unclimbed due to multiple cornices on the ridge.

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