General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2016

1. Who has bagged the best sound award at the 63rd annual Golden Reel Awards 2016?

2. Which initiative has in 2016 been launched by NITI Aayog?

3. Which state is set to become the first Indian state to issue newspaper advertisements for the post of Vice Chancellor of government universities?

4. Which Union Territory (UT) of India has got the Jan Dhan Yojana Award on 2016 National Civil Services Day?

5. The 'Smart Pulse Survey' will be conducted by which state government of India?

6. Who has been bestowed with the Regius Professorship in Manufacturing by Queen Elizabeth II?

7. Who has won the first prize in UN #LinksSDGs Data Visualization Challenge?

8. Which web portal has been launched to reduce paper work in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of Parliament of India?

9. Which commemorative coin has been released on the 475th birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap?

10. Who has won the IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Open Chess Tournament 2016?

General Knowledge

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    Winning a game occurs any time a player hits the lowest numbered ball first and pockets the 9 ball without committing a foul. When only the 9 ball is on the table, this is straightforward and obvious; however, when other balls remain on the table, any number of events can result in victory so long as the above requirements are met. Loss of game can occur if three successive fouls are committed and the fouling player is warned audibly or visually after the 2nd foul during the third inning.In most rule systems, including those of the World Pool Billiard Association and its national affiliates like the Billiard Congress of America, if a player fouls and pockets the 9 ball, or knocks the 9 ball off the table, the 9 ball is placed on the foot spot, and the incoming player receives ball in hand.

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