General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2016

1. Which Indian movie has won the best film and best script writers award at the Asia New Talent Awards in the 2016 Shanghai International Film Festival?

2. Who is the newly appointed Union Minister of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting?

3. Who has won the 2016 French open Women's Singles tournament?

4. Which is the India's first anti-diabetic ayurvedic drug for Type-2 diabetes mellitus?

5. Which district has been declared as "Zero Landless District" by Kerala government?

6. Who is the newly appointed Chief Executive of Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC)?

7. The 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup will be hosted by which country?

8. Project Tango is associated with which of the following companies?

9. Santosh Trophy is related to which sports?

10. Which state police department of India has won the 2016 FICCI National Award for Smart Policing in the category of Road Safety and Traffic Management ?

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