General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2017

1. Which Indian sportsperson has won silver in men’s Freestyle 125 kg category at the 2017 Asian Wrestling Championship?

2. Which country hosted the 3rd edition of World Conference on Environment?

3. The 2nd edition of Iranshah Udvada Utsav (IUU-2017) has started in which state?

4. Which committee has been constituted by the Union Government to continuously monitor the solutions to air pollution?

5. Who has been sworn-in as the new President of Republic of Kenya?

6. The Jasper National Park (JNP) is located in which country?

7. Who has been elected the new President of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA)?

8. Which state government has in 2017 set DBT cell for implementation of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme?

9. Which committee has in 2017 submitted report on institutionalization of arbitration mechanism in India?

10. Gayatri Pullela is associated with which sports?

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