General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2017

1. Which national leprosy awareness campaign has been organised by the Union Government on 2017 Anti Leprosy Day (ALD)?

2. India has in 2017 signed how much amount of loan pact with AIIB for Gujarat road project?

3. What is the India’s rank in the 2017 IMD World Competitiveness Index?

4. The International Museum Day (IMD) is observed on which date?

5. Who will head the 2nd National Judicial Pay Commission (NJPC) to look into pay hike issue of lower court judges?

6. Which Indian sportsperson will be conferred with the best Sportsperson of the Year Award by the Sports Journalists Federation of India (SJFI)?

7. Who is the author of the book “Band, Bajaa, Boys!”?

8. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has signed pact with which country’s space agency on satellite launch technology?

9. Which Indian cricketer will be honoured with the 75th Master Dinanath Mangeshkar award for his outstanding contribution to Indian Cricket?

10. Which organisation has won the 2015 Indira Gandhi Peace Prize?

General Knowledge

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  • Precautions while using Bleaching

    General bleach tips

    General Bleach Tips will help you to use these products appropriately and safely.
    1. Use only in well ventilated rooms.
    2. Wear rubber gloves.
    3. Mix in small quantities. Bleach evaporates fairly quickly so mix only enough to use at once.
    4. Do not overuse to avoid environmental harm. In other words, use to sanitize for instance, a cutting board after it has had raw meat on it, not just to do your regular cleaning.
    5. Rinse everything well and air dry if possible.
    6. If you are unsure if it is safe to bleach something, test it first in an inconspicuous place on the fabric. Dip a cotton swab in 1 part bleach to 2 parts warm water and dab the fabric. Let dry completely to see final results. If there is fading, do not use that bleach.

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