General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2017

1. The International Film Festival of India (IFFI-2017) will set up Next Gen-Bioscope Village in which city to allow non-delegates to watch films?

2. Which city to host the first edition of Gramin Khel Mahotsav (GKM)?

3. Which country to host the 2017 Mobile World Congress?

4. Which state government has launched ‘Vision-2025’ project to seek public opinion for their dream state?

5. The World Turtle Day (WTD) is observed on which date?

6. Who has been nominated as the new U.S ambassador to India?

7. Which state government has launched India’s first post office passport service center?

8. Which union minister has launched e-HRMS for central government employees to access all service details?

9. Who will become the new interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Prasar Bharti?

10. Who has been chosen as the captain of the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 team?

General Knowledge

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  • Mahashivratri Festival

    Shivaratri Rituals

    Devotees of Lord Shiva observe the Shivaratri Festival by following the prescribed rituals with sincerity and devotion. All through the day, devotees abstain from eating food and break their fast only the next morning, after the nightlong worship. Ritual baths of Shivalinga in the numerous Shiva temples by Shiva worshipper, mainly women, is another significant feature of Shivratri customs and traditions. Devotees strongly believe that ritual worship of Lord Shiva on the auspicious day of Shivaratri absolves them of past sins and they are blessed with Moksha. Rituals Observed on a Shivaratri Morning As a tradition devotees wake up early in the morning of the Mahashivratri day and take a ritual sunrise bath, preferably in the holy waters of river Ganga. They also offer prayers to the Sun God, Vishnu and Shiva as a part of a purification rite observed on all-important Hindu festivals. After wearing fresh new clothes devotees visit the nearest Shiva Temple to give the customary bath to the Shivalinga. On a Shivratri day, Shiva temples are thronged by devotees, mainly women, who come to perform the traditional Shivalinga pooja and seek blessings from the god. At times there is so much rush in the temples that devotees have to wait for their turn to observe pooja. At their turn for worship, devotees circumambulate the Shivalinga, three or seven times, and then pour water over it. Some also pour milk. Sounds of bell and shouts of Shankarji ki Jai or (Hail Shiva) reverberate in the temple premises.

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