General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2017

1. The Ratapani Tiger Reserve (RTS) is located in which state?

2. The Losar Festival has started in which region of Jammu and Kashmir?

3. Which country to conduct the first BIMSTEC Disaster Management Exercise -2017 (BIMSTEC DMEx-2017)?

4. The India-Australia naval exercise ‘AUSINDEX 17’ has started in which port city?

5. Who has edited the book “The Way I See It: A Gauri Lankesh Reader”?

6. Under ‘Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bhara’programme, which of the following states have signed MoU to boost cultural ties?

7. S Ramassamy, who passed away in 2017, was the former Chief Minister of which state/UT?

8. The cultural festival ‘India by the Nile’ has started in which country?

9. Which country to host the 22nd edition of Asian Athletics Championship 2017?

10. NASA has successfully launched the world''s smallest satellite "Kalamsat". The satellite is built by which Indian teen?

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  • Flowers

    Passiflora Alata

    This species of Passion flower is one of those which have been introduced into the English gardens since the time of Miller, if it does not equal the c339,rulea in elegance, it excels it in magnificence, in brilliancy of colour, and in fragrance, the blossoms being highly odoriferous as yet, it is by no means so general in this country, as its extraordinary beauty merits, we have seen it flower this year, both summer and autumn, in great perfection in the stove of our very worthy friend James Vere, Esq. Kensington Gore, at the Physic Garden, Chelsea, and at Mr. Malcoms, Kennington, at Chelsea, in particular, it afforded the richest assemblage of foliage and flowers we ever saw.
    It appears to the greatest advantage, when trained up an upright pole, nearly to the height of the back of the stove, and then suffered to run along horizontally.
    By some it has been considered as a variety only of the Passiflora quadrangularis, others, with whom we agree in opinion, have no doubt of its being a very distinct species, it differs from the quadrangularis, in having leaves more perfectly heart shaped, and less veiny, in having four glands on the foot stalks of the leaves, instead of six, and in not producing fruit with us, which the quadrangularis has been known frequently to do.
    The Nursery men report, that this species was first raised in this country, by a gentleman in Hertfordshire, from West India seeds.
    The usual mode of propogating it here, is by cuttings.

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